Bowl 일곱 Nov. 2019 - seven by seven - 가파도 Gapado Island

Vertical Wind 2019 Buddhas’ Wish, Ink, Watercolor on Gokung Paper, 215 x150 cm, 가파도 South Korea, Photograph Guido Schiefer



The Moon peircing the Wind 2019 Gapado Island, South Korea, ceramic sculpture, porcelain, 45 x 29 cm

Gapado Island Sept.-Dec. 2019 가파도 South Korea
artist in residence on Gapado island (Jeju Province, South Korea) for 2019;
nominated by jury members from the MoMA, Tate Modern and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea;
residence run by Hyundai Card Korea;

HELLA BERENT – NightSkyAnima Gapado Island ‚WIND-WOMAN-STONE 2020‘ Video

Gapado AiR – 가파도 AiR
resident artists‘ profile page